The Importance of Networking

If becoming a journalist wasn’t already tuff enough, let’s imagine a world without networking. This would involve a journalist being the only source for their information. This would mean an upcoming journalist would receive no help or knowledge of the field only book knowledge, no hands on experience. Networking plays a major role in journalism and should not be taken lightly. With networking upcoming and seasoned journalist can come together to find the perfect story. An upcoming journalist is just as much help as a seasoned journalist if given the right story. Which is the right story? All of them. A journalist can cover any story because it is not a journalists job to agree or disagree but to inform others of factual events. Working together can cause for a more developed story. A journalist does not just stop at networking with other journalist but with citizens as well. Most of the time a citizen has first person knowledge of an event along with comments, witnesses and maybe even video. As a journalist all sources are important because remember it is a journalist job to get out the truth. The main goal for a journalist is to inform and to be a good journalist you must be the first to inform. What makes your story a must read? Is twitter posting a response or report faster than you? If so you need to re-evaluate what you could be doing to get your information faster. You can get faster information if you are connected with a lot of people. These people can be witnesses, citizens, even other journalist.

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